Why We Do It


Our goals are simple. We work to make hospitals economically sustainable, so they can maintain local independence and provide care locally.

Economic Sustainability

We’re helping hospitals turn a profit margin, maintain an appropriate cost structure, and positively impact the bottom line.

Maintain Local Independence

By providing economic stability, we enable hospitals to maintain independent governance. At the local level, you know your hospital, so it should be you making the final decisions.

Provide Care Locally

By turning a profit margin and maintaining cost structure, we can keep your care local. Our work today makes local care tomorrow possible.

“As an independent hospital, it is so important to have a partner like NorthStar Health Alliance. Their shared services have been a great value to us. For any challenge we have, I know NorthStar will help us do a better job.”
Rich Duvall

CEO Carthage Area Hospital and Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center