What We Do

At North Star Health Alliance, we're reshaping healthcare across Northern New York and the North Country. Through shared scalable services and collaborative innovation, we aim to drive economic stability, support clinical excellence, and foster community strength — all while keeping healthcare close to home.


Clinical Excellence

We are dedicated to coordinating care to achieve superior patient outcomes. Through the implementation of shared services, we not only generate revenue opportunities but also elevate the quality of care provided. This strategic approach enhances healthcare accessibility throughout the remote rural areas of Northern NY and ensures a sustainable healthcare model for the long term.

Services Include:

Information Technology

The technology needs of healthcare are continually evolving and demanding significant investment. North Star is uniquely equipped to meet these growing technological demands efficiently and effectively.

Services Include:

Operational Excellence

North Star was created to help independent hospitals address their operational needs through collaboration, sharing costs, and identifying strategic initiatives to meet growing staffing demands. By fostering transparency and enhancing communication among our team and partner facilities, we’ve built a healthcare network that prioritizes patient well-being above all else. Implementing advanced bed management systems and refining admission processes have reduced emergency department waiting times by 30% and decreased patient boarding times by 25%, resulting in quicker access to care and smoother transitions for patients.

Services Include:

Revenue Cycle Management & Financial Support

We offer comprehensive services to enhance financial performance by reducing the costs associated with collecting reimbursements from government and commercial payers. Our approach accelerates and optimizes revenue cycle performance, ensuring a more efficient and profitable operation.

Services Include:

Total Spend Management

We leverage our extensive networks to help hospitals benefit from a connected community while maintaining their independence. This means enhanced access to better resources, reduced costs, and improved efficiency without sacrificing your autonomy.

Services Include: